Rockpool Ramble

RockpoolsTake a ramble over the rocks to discover the weird and wonderful plants and animals that live on our seashore and how they have adapted to living in this challenging environment.

The group meets the Marine Warden at the large metal anchor by Cobb Gate car park, Lyme Regis before a short walk takes you to the site of Broad Ledge. All relevant health and safety information is given to the children before heading out onto the rock pooling area. All necessary equipment is provided by the Centre.


  • Session time: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Location: Lyme Regis
  • Maximum number: 60 Children
  • National Curriculum: Science:
    Unit 2b: Plants and animals in the local environment Unit
    2c: Variation
    Unit 3b: Helping plants to grow well
    Unit 4b: Habitats
    Unit 5b: Lifecycles
    Unit 5/6H: Enquiry in environmental and technological concepts
    Unit 6a: Interdependence and adaptation
  • Risk Assessment: All Centre activities are fully risk assessed. To download a copy of the risk assessment for this activity click here: PDF: Rockpool Ramble
  • Charges: September – February £3.50 per child        March – August £4.00 per child
    Minimum booking fee £100.00
    There is no charge for teaching staff and helpers
  • Booking: Please have a period of 2 weeks in mind when planning your trip. All our sessions are tide related so we need to be flexible when booking activities.

For more information about booking your session please download our Teacher's Guide