Investigating Coastlines

investigating coastsWhat makes a coastline, who uses it and what can we see?

Using the beach area at Charmouth, how do we use the coastal environment and what natural processes affect it? Coastal mapping, eroding sandcastles, what makes a wave and beach profiles.

All relevant health and safety information is given to the children before heading out onto the beach. All necessary equipment is provided.


  • Session time: 2 hours
  • Location: Charmouth
  • Maximum number: 60 Children (1 Adult : 6 children due to group work)
  • National Curriculum: Geography:
    Unit 6: Investigating our local area (local schools)
    Unit 23: Investigating Coasts
    Unit 13: A Contrasting UK locality – Charmouth
  • Risk Assessment: All Centre activities are fully risk assessed. To download a copy of the risk assessment for this activity click here: PDF: Investigating Coastlines
  • Charges: September – February £3.50 per child     March – August £4.00 per child
    Minimum booking fee £100.00
    There is no charge for teaching staff and helpers
  • Booking: Please have a period of 2 weeks in mind for your visit. All our activities are tide related and we need to be flexible when booking in your group.

For more information about booking, please see our Teacher's Guide