Three Free Summer Exhibitions

Why not come along and enjoy a glass of bubbly at 3 Free Exhibitions focusing on Charmouth on Friday 7th July from 6.30 until 9 pm. They are next door to each other in the main Street at the Library, Elms and Church. All three are running for the months of July, August and September.

The Library is showing work from five Charmouth Based Artists – Karen Loader, Terry Coverdale, Geoff Townson, Annie Clough and Joanne Brown.

St. Andrews Church has an Exhibition revealing the 1000-year-old history of the building and its predecessors. It brings the book “Charmouth – Its Church and its People” to life with its stories linked to royalty, smuggling, shipwrecks, Duels and much more. The book will be available to borrow or purchase to the visitor.

Finally, we have an amazing exhibition in The Pavey Room on the first floor of the Elms. It is entitled “Charmouth through the Lens of Samuel Hansford”. With over 150 photographs, not only of Charmouth, but many of the neighbouring villages, we are hoping that it will be as popular as the recent talk on him. At the same time we are displaying over 150 photographs from the Charmouth Local History Society`s own comprehensive archive which has been created from the many donations over the years. There will also be a display telling the two hundred year history of Charmouth Stores since its opening in 1806.

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