Fossil Hunting Trips

For those making Fossil Hunting Trips to Charmouth, the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre are running their enormously popular Guided Fossil Hunting Walks on many dates throughout August. The dates, and importantly the time of day, vary due to the times of the tides, so do see their booking page for the dates and times of forthcoming walks.
Typical Charmouth Fossil

A typical Charmouth Fossil

For Fossil Hunting Trips to Charmouth, there are certain dates when the time high tides are particularly likely to uncover fossils on the beach, although windy weather and rough seas at any time also contribute to the constantly changing beach, and change the fossils that can be found.     The highest tides in August are between Wed 9th and Sun 13th, then again between Sun 20th and Sun 27th.

Please remember that the fossils are found on the beach, NOT IN THE CLIFFS.  Due to recent changes from very dry weather, to wet spells, the cliffs are particularly unstable.  Please DO NOT CLIMB on the cliffs, or SIT AT THE BASE of the cliffs. Rock falls can happen at any time!

Fossils can be found on both the East and West beaches at Charmouth, although if you are on your first visit it is always best to attend one of the guided walks as little advice can help you avoid hours of fruitless searching in the wrong places!  The best approach is top follow advice to find a good spot, and then it’s down on your hands and knees to carefully sort through the rocks and stones to see what you can find.

Stay safe, and enjoy Charmouths fabulous beach, and have a great fossil hunting trip.

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