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Latin nameActinia equina 
Size – Column up to 5cm tall plus tentacles up to 2cm long 
Habitat – All over the rocky shore

These anemones can retract their tentacles and store water which stops them from drying out at low tide. When they are covered by seawater they extend their poisonous tentacles which they use to catch prey such as prawns and small fish. They will also sting another anemone if it gets too close. They get their name from the bright blue beads around the edge of the tentacles.

Beadlet Anemone

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Beadlet Anemones live attached to rocks in the intertidal zone. They are usually red, but can also be green or brown, and can grow up to 5cm in diameter. When disturbed or exposed to air, the tentacles retract, making the Beadlet Anemone look like a blob of jelly. Photo by Carthage Tunis.

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