Donations of any size make a huge difference to the Centre. You may wish to make a general donation, or a contribution towards a specific project or item. If you would like to make an online donation now, please click here, or scroll to the orange button in the footer section at the bottom of every page.

The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre is an independent charity, having been set up over 25 years ago by the local community and partners, with the aim of encouraging visitors to enjoy our special stretch of coast without causing detriment to the site. This means that the Centre has and continues to play a key role in regard to education and delivering this message to all, irrespective of their age, ability or social status. Entry to the Centre is free of charge and has disabled access. Legacies of any size play an important part in securing the long-term future of the Centre and can make a huge difference to the unique experience that we can offer to visitors and school children alike.


Leaving a gift in your Will

  • If you have already made a Will
    If you have already made a Will, but would like to leave a gift to the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, you can do so by making a simple addition to your existing Will. This is called a codicil. By adding this supplement to your Will you can include new instructions and delete old ones without having to go through the task of revoking the whole Will.
  • If you have not already made a Will
    If you do not have a Will at the moment, you may need to see a solicitor. Although you will have to pay a fee, you will receive sound professional advice and can be sure that your wishes are achieved.


There are three ways you can give to the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre in your Will;

  1. Residuary gift – you can choose to leave a share, or the whole, of what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones.
  2. Pecuniary gift – you can choose to give a gift of a fixed amount of money to the Centre
  3. Specific gift – you can choose to leave a specific item such as a painting, books, jewellery, an area of land or even your home.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to the Centre in more detail and in confidence, please contact us.

When writing your Will you will need to know our name, address and registered charity number which are as follows:
Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre (registered charity number 1105386)
Lower Sea Lane, Charmouth, Dorset.  DT6 6LL