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Pronounced – E-ki-noid
Meaning of name – Greek is “Echinos” – meaning “Hedgehog”
Group – Echinoids, Echinoderms
Age – Cretaceous, around 100 million years old

Sea urchins are still alive today and are related to starfish and sea lillies. These creatures would have lived on the Cretaceous seafloor. These fossils have been preserved in flint and chert which can make them hard to spot on the beach. Sea urchins are from a different layer of rock than most of the other fossils of Charmouth. They originate from the Gault and Upper Greensand which is around 100 million years old.

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This sea urchin is fantastically preserved and was found by local collector David Sole. The original shell of the creature has been replaced by the mineral chert. © David Sole.

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