Fossil and Palaeontology Tour

Discover the geology and fossils of the Jurassic Coast.

Palaeontology tourThe tour starts in the Centre with a short film and Warden talk on the fossils of Charmouth and the Jurassic environment in which they were formed. 

The Warden will then lead the group out onto Charmouth beach to search for fossils. At the end of the session the tour covers the Fossil Collecting Code and aspects of conservation associated with the site. All finds may be taken back to school/college and we can adapt the content of this session to suit your groups needs.

  • Session time: 2 hours
  • Location: Charmouth
  • Maximum number: 90 Children
  • Risk Assessment: All Centre activities are fully risk assessed. Download a copy of our Teacher’s Guide for details
  • Charges: £4.50 per student (Minimum booking fee: £100.00) There is no charge for teaching staff and helpers
  • Booking: Please have a period of 2 weeks in mind when planning your trip. As all of our sessions are tide related we need to be flexible when booking sessions.For more information on booking your session, please see our Teacher’s Guide.