fossil huntingTake your class out on the beach where they can discover and take home their own fossils with our trained Wardens.

Prior to the session you will be sent an introductory video teaching the group everything you need to know about fossils, fossil formation and how to hunt safety! Once in Charmouth, your Warden will do a quick recap for the group, before everyone heads straight onto the beach to go fossil hunting! These sessions will now take place entirely outdoors. 

All relevant health and safety information is given to the children before heading out onto the beach, accompanied by the Warden, to look for fossils. All finds during the day can be taken back to school or home at the end of the session. We advise you to bring a small freezer bag for each child to put their fossils in.

Click here to watch a sneak preview of our school fossil hunting trips, video courtesy of the Natural History Museum.


  • Session time: 2 hours
  • Location: Charmouth
  • Maximum number: 1 School ‘bubble’ per session. For practicality, groups may also be split down further into ‘mini bubbles’ whilst on the beach.
  • Risk Assessment: All Centre activities are fully risk assessed, with an additional covid-secure risk assessment. For more information please download a copy of our Teacher’s Guide.
  • Charges: September – February £3.50 per child.   March – August £4.00 per child
    Minimum booking fee £100.00. Payment required prior to session.
    There is no charge for teaching staff and helpers
  • Booking: Please have a period of 2 weeks in mind for your visit. All our sessions are tide related so we need to be flexible when booking activities.

For more information about booking please contact us or download a copy of our Teacher’s Guide