Geology and Geomorphology Tour

Black Ven mudeslideAfter a short introduction and film show, the Warden will lead the group out onto the beach and along the coast stopping at certain points to discuss how the local cliffs and coastline have formed.

The walk will cover the local geology, the landslide systems of West Dorset, an analysis of the composition of the beach and local conservation policy.

  • Session time: 2 hours
  • Location: Charmouth beach
  • Maximum number: 90 Children
  • Risk Assessment: All Centre activities are fully risk assessed. For more information please download a copy of our Teacher’s Guide.
  • Charges: £4.50 per student  
    Minimum booking fee £100.00
    There is no charge for teaching staff and helpers
  • Booking: Please have a period of 2 weeks in mind when planning your trip. As all sessions are tide related we need to be flexible when booking sessions.

For more information on booking your session, please see our Teacher’s Guide.