Bring the Jurassic Coast to your classroom!

The Jurassic Coast Fossil Loan Box is suitable for both Key Stage 1 & 2 children and is a fantastic cross-curricula resource produced by the warden team at the Centre that brings the Jurassic Coast to life in your classroom.

Each box contains;

  • Real fossils from the Jurassic Coast for pupils to handle.
  • A comprehensive resource pack of inspirational materials, including a short animation on how fossils form, timelines and role play activities.
  • The story of Mary Anning
  • Fossil folklore
  • Key information on the Jurassic Coast
  • Laminated mural of life in the Jurassic Seas
  • Fossil moulds so that children can make their very own cast of a fossil
  • Teacher’s notes are included, and contain learning outcomes for each section and a list of useful links to other organisations/sites

The box can be hired from the Centre at a cost of £30 for a two week period. Upgrade to a Virtual Classroom Package (1 hour virtual session + 2 week loan box hire) for just £70! Add a fossil polishing kit for each child, for just £1.50 each. This includes a sliced ammonite fossil and sandpaper for each child to polish up in class and take home as a momento. 

If you are interested in hiring a Fossil Loan Box please contact the Education Warden 

Teacher’s comments:

Year 1 Teacher – St. Mary’s Catholic First School (Dorchester)
We used the contents of the box to have a concentrated hands-on and sketching session soon after our visit to Charmouth. The animation on how fossils form was particularly useful as it explained clearly and simply how fossils form, which can be difficult to explain. The children loved handling the fossils from the box and were quick to identify them”.