Fossils of ancient sea creatures aren’t the only things that can be found on the shoreline around Charmouth. At low tides rockpools can form in some parts of the beach with a diverse ecosystem making their home in these temporary environments. While searching for the inhabitants of our rockpools we do need to be careful though and keep a few things in mind:

Look after yourselves…Look after yourself on the seashore

  • Watch the tide. Always check the tide times first
  • Mind your step on slippery surfaces and seaweeds
  • Stay clear of the cliffs
  • Dress for the elements! Wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear

Safety for the animals…

crab under stone

  • Never kill or kidnap living creatures! Only take home empty shells!
  • Watch carefully and quietly – Many seashore creatures are hard to spot and may be scared off by splashing feet.
  • Avoid trampling delicate creatures. Animals like anemones and honeycomb worms are easily crushed underfoot.
  • If you turn a rock over to see who is living underneath it, please put it back the original way up so they do not dry out. Rockpool creatures do not have sunblock or protection from the wind!
  • Keep creatures that you find in a bucket. Cover them with plenty of cool water and release them before too long.
  • Don’t snap off seaweeds or knock creatures like limpets from the rocks.
  • Try and use your hands to catch creatures instead of nets. Crabs especially, can lose their legs and claws if they get tangled in nets