Take a look at the following sections on our website: Jurassic Coast, Rocks, Fossils, Fossil Collecting Code, Cliffs and Landslides, Life in our rockpools, Life out in Lyme Bay, Seashore Code, Marine Conservation.

There are also other local charities offering great educational resources:

In addition, below are some more tailored links from other websites:

Rocks and fossils links

All about dinosaurs and fossils – Types of fossil, geological time and dinosaur facts. Suggested by the students at Lyndhurst STEM club, New Jersey


KS1 Fossils – Fossil formation, beach safety, look around the Lyme Regis Museum

KS2 Rocks, Soils and fossils – BBC videos

Mary Anning – Who was she cartoons

Mary Anning – Mary tells her own story


KS3 Geography – Coastal landscapes

GCSE Chemistry – Limestone

GCSE Geography – Coastal processes, landforms and management

GCSE Biology – Evolution 

Mary Anning – by Lyme Regis Museum 

Local landslide systems – by Lyme Regis Museum

Local fossils – by Lyme Regis Museum

How the Jurassic Coast formed – Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

Post 16 and above

Fossils of the Jurassic Coast

Rocks of the Jurassic Coast

Local fossils – by Lyme Regis Museum

Marine links

MarLIN – detailed species information

Local marine life – Lyme Regis Aquarium